QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

QuickBooks Remote Access tool can connect to the remote machine on which QuickBooks desktop is installed. QuickBooks Remote Access is an add-on for QuickBooks accounting software, available in the two versions – QuickBooks Access and Full Desktop Access.

Benefits of QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

With the remote accessibility of QuickBooks available, users would be able to gain several positives that add value to their business operations, such as –

  • Saves the time of travel and cost of office infrastructure for accountants
  • Accounting professionals can have up to date access to QuickBooks all the time even when they are not at the office
  • Different users can collaborate on the same QuickBooks file
  • Business owners or managers can track the activities of the accountants

Intuit Supported Remote Access Options For QuickBooks

To support its users with QuickBooks remote access functionality, Intuit offers the following options:

  • Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on cloud
  • Switching to QuickBooks Online
  • Using QuickBooks Remote Access
  • Let’s explore more on these options to choose the one that suits your requirements.

What are the minimum system requirements to run the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool?

No special system requirement is required for QuickBooks Remote Access. If you have already installed QB accounting software in your computer then it will be easier for you to make use of this tool’s features.

How to Set up Remote Access Features for QuickBooks?

  • Sign up for QuickBooks Remote Access Provision online
  • Open the Web browser on the system from which you wish to remotely access files and sign into your account on the QuickBooks Remote Access web page.
  • Press on the ‘Set up System’ tab to download the QB remote access tool.
  • Provide Nickname for the system when prompted and Press on Next tab
  • Now, mark the checkbox next to selections to start every time you sign into a remote session. The selections include: Robotically lessen screen resolution to match; Use full-screen display by default; Deactivate this system’s keyboard and mouse and Make this system’s monitor blank.
  • Put a tick mark in the checkbox next to the apps to access remotely on this system. For a negligible once-a-month charge, access only QB company accounts. By paying a bit more every month you can access all of the company files and applications remotely. Hit the Next tab.
  • Mark the box for confirmation options to use. You can either provide a passcode or use a registered phone number. Hit the Finish tab.

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